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World Martial Arts Team Championships TBA 2024

World Martial Arts Team Competition

 The Concept

Pro Team

The Long Beach International Martial Con Announces the First ever International Team Martial arts competition. Over $15,000 + in prize money and awards just for this special team competition. Do you belong to a team? Do you know a Team? Can you put a team together? On the 60th anniversary of the long beach Internationals in 2024 we will hold and completely new concept in team competition. We will see who is the Number One Martial Arts Team in the world. As we hold the Inaugural World Team Martial Arts Championship. For the pro/am and national teams that currently compete around the world. Teams like Paul Mitchell, All Stars, Team Proper, Amerikick, ArchAngel and the list goes on.

At a glance here is how it works. You bring a team of seven (7).Six (6) competitor’s and one coach. Your team can be comprised of any type of Martial Arts Style or mixture of Martial Arts Styles. On your team there must be a minimum of one female and you may have up to three (3) juniors ages 15 to 17 male or female. Members can be of any rank, we prefer an all Black Belt team. But if you are great …rank has no bearing.

There are six stages of competition. Traditional Forms, Tradition Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapons, Self defense , and Team Demo. ( Music, Gymnastics allowed in both creative competitions and team demo). These are all the elements of being a full rounded Martial Artist. Why no fighting… no point sparring? Good question, my answer. Self defense techniques and basics are a Martial Artist’s method for fighting and defending one’s self in combat and street situations. Not point sparring. There is a separate place for the Sport of point sparring. Which will be taking place in another area within the event. Look for our announcement and the new format coming soon.

Following the format as seen in Olympic gymnastics. Each team will be assigned a rotation schedule of stations to compete at. This rotation schedule will be mathematically arranged so that no two teams compete against each other more than three times… Each team’s number for rotation will be picked by their team coach at the random drawing, Thursday evening prior to the competition. Each station that your team arrives at, two (2) members of your team must compete. No one member of the team may compete in more than Two events. All team members must compete as part of the team demo. At each station points will be awarded for the finish placement of each competitor.. First will be awarded 25 points each position being reduced by two points down to the lowest possible point of 9. After the six standard rotations of competition the six fist place winners will be brought back to the category stations where they placed first in. The 6 will then compete at for individual honors, prize money ($1,000 each station) along with addition bonus points for their team (25) for the champion 20 for runner up

The team scoring the most total points by their player’s placement. In addition to the possible bonus points earned will be the First ever World Martial Arts Team Champions. Winning an article about their team in Major Martial Arts Magazines as well a video exposure as part of the official competition video. They will also win $10,500 prize money. That’s $1500 for each member including the coach. Second place team receives $5,250, $750 per member and coach third place receives $2,450, $350 per member and coach. Total it up that’s $25,000 in prize money and awards

So I will ask you again…do you have a team…can you create a team… are you in? Or will you be watching from the side  lines? We are only allowing 36 teams to enter. Registration opens July 28, 2023 powered by Eventxpres. Grab your team…get registered… get ready… it’s coming

But wait there’ more, Not only will there be a International Team Championships.  But there will be A National Collegiate Martial Arts Team Championships as well. This is project I have been working on for 6 years to make happen. 36 Collage karate clubs and school teams will be given the opportunity to compete for the first National Collegiate Martial arts Team Championship. This is the opportunity Martial artist’s in this country have been waiting for. A competition that pits collage teams against each other. We have a lot of Sport Karate martial arts competitors that have went off to collage. Wouldn’t it be great to see them representing their schools in a competition that brings attention to the martial arts programs and the schools that they attend. A competition of rivals. USC , UCLA, Oregon State, Cal State, Michigan, Indiana and all university , state and city collages that can find 6 martial Artists to represent them from their student base. If we do this right…Which we will…a new era of competition will be born . One, that one day may lead to collage scholarships for martial artists’ to attend collages and represent those collages on a World class competition platform. Invitations are going out to 100’s of collages across the country to participate in this unique opportunity to establish a new foundation for Martial Arts Competition.

The first place collegiate team Champions will receive $5,000 In martial arts equipment and supplies sponsored by Tiger Claw martial arts supplies.  As well as full coverage from magazines and other media as being the first ever Champions of  a new era of competition .

Who knows perhaps someday this is how Martial Arts will be represented in the Olympics. Wouldn’t that be a goal to achieve. It will be an industry powered event, that will take all of us that work, play and enjoy this industry of martial arts. Working together as a team, working to lay down that foundation that will bring notice. To what being a Martial Artist is. Lets get the word out, tell your friends , your instructors, your students and their parents what we going to achieve. By working together, we will all be able. To Learn more, Practice more, Achieve more.

Stay tuned as details we all be released as we unfold this new direction and new platform of competition. We will be listing the teams names and doing profiles and interviews with the players coaches and sponsors. We are looking forward to hearing from you all as input is part of the learning process.

Long Beach International Karate Championships, World Martial Arts Team Championship

Summer 2024 Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach California, USA

Registration opens July 28, 2023