Sunday, June 23, 2024



Brought to you by JACK FELTON

Location and date TBD for the 2023 season we are working on that NOW

We are proud to see Jack Felton one of the greatest Sport Karate Fighters of All Times. Put his gloves aside for a moment and give back to the sport by producing this great event for up and comers to the sport to participate in. It’s been a rough two years for Sport Karate and other sporting event due to the co-vid pandemic. But it’s time to get back in the ring and start competing again.

Jack has put together a cracker jack team utilizing the eventxpres automated registration and operations system has made his event run as smooth as the best of the best events. But he will still need your help. Judges we need you to make sure you are vaccinated and bring a mask with you. Score keepers will be need and other essential staff positions too. Contact Jack Felton at 714-904-5196 or email him at 

Doors will open at 8;00AM along with registration

Judges score keepers will meet at 8:30AM

First call for competitors will be at 8:45AM

Competition starts at 9:00am SHARP

Demo team, synchronized forms along with first timers will be first phase of competition

2nd wave is all 11 and under belt divisions compete forms through sparring

3rd wave will be 12 to 17 under belt complete forms through sparing

Final wave is all adults’  18 plus forms through sparring

Black Belts’ will start competing at 9:30 am sharp right after demo teams are finished. 17 and under in ring 7, 18 plus in ring 8

Open weight sparring for adults will start at approximately 1 pm after Black belt grands are finished for forms and weapons.

Down load your flyer HERE

Download Ring assignments by division number HERE

Download Ring assignments by Ring number and order HERE

Register online HERE Coming soon

Thank you all I hope to provide you with the best possible event I can

Jack “The Icemen” Felton