Saturday, February 4, 2023


The Sports Martial Arts Association

The Sport Martial Arts Association promotes martial arts tournaments on an International, National and Regional level. We utilize the latest technologies to provide support to competitors and promoters involved in the SMAA organization.

Our staff is trained using the best methods available for staffing and running tournaments. We have developed and are implementing one of the finest tournament ratings systems for competitors. SMAA also designed the first circuit specifically for Team competition at the Black Belt level.Sport Martial Arts Association Logo

Our goal is to attract more attention to the sport martial arts world and to provide as many aveues as possible for martial artists to perform in the public eye. It is also our desire to reach out to new sponsors who are willing to help support and promote sports martial arts. National and International titles are awarded through the SMA Association.

We welcome all who wish to support and promote sports martial arts to join us in the The Sport Martial Arts Association.

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